In Search Of Symmetry (HELP)

by Jae-Skeese

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Jae-Skeese's Freshman Album Release!! Lead Singles Include "I Did That", "Tryna Get It", and "Greight"!! Purchase This Album And Support The Up And Coming Lyricist Straight Outta Buffalo, NY!! #ISOS


released August 23, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Everywhere Eye Look
It's like everywhere I look and everywhere I go
It's another motherfucker tryna hate on my flow, but
I ain't worried, cuz that comes with the turf,
You'll distinguish the meanest right after your leaned from a verse, let's go
Niggaz hatin' and such, well thats cool I'm scrapin' em up
See my fans patient as fuck, im killin' it faithful as fuck
See the world is crazy, my momma been told me
No jail, opinion, or law, I never let shit hold me

(Verse 1)
Warrin' wit niggaz, Guerillas suited, they corporate killers
They ignore the realer, they couldn't bear it, we porridge sippers
Rappers more Sinorice than Randy, thats unfortunate nigga
See my rhetorics Porsches, 500 horses wit scriptures
But they don't catch it cuz they ain't Mossin', they be Boston
It a be ruins before they knew it
They be lost in a box, got my foes fallin' in flops
Throw these rappers all in a pot, use a mic to sharpen my chops, see look
Over the plains I be acid rainin', they rappin' shaded, jaded
Sleepin' on me is like snorin' layin' in lap of Satan
For lack of patience I'll cap you quicker, rabid spitter
I been rappin' sicker since action figures, im Salmonella
And E.Coli, know why? I'm sicker my foci's multi
Million dollar recordin's, lines will attack your organs
I grind and rap it euphoric, you sniff or smoke it you lost it
Can't bullshit a Taurus, my nigga I'm too thesaurus, I can
See through your synonyms, your cinnamon
I identify you niggaz with ignorance, I'll leave em right in rememberance, ha
I hate to brag, but dag you rappers lag
I mash on any track, spaz, reveal a tragic incident
Villian shit, leave em part of a burial
Spit it aerial, skills get exposed, just like the Nationals, ha
They try and Twin him, but pimpin' stick to ya innings
Stenographers quote me down in calligraphy, literally, listen
Not ya average scribe, you rap cats better recognize
You lack facts, manufacture lies, I lap tracks with no exercise
Yeah, and thats all word to my name
I'm in search of the symmetry, all of yall on the plane for real

(Hook x1)

(Verse 2)
Ya boy killin' so constant, drawin', mind movin' like Lawson, awesome
Pace is great when I'm joggin' jargon, we G-Men like Couglin, call em
The Class though, I'm like Walter White in that lab though
You 'bout tall as lice in that back row, I'm main screen, but not mainstream, its just facts bro
All caps when I write these, you mediocre like five seeds
Write bars harder than concrete, in my Stance socks and my white threes, ha
Flyness cemented, like timeless priceless inventions
Like Mike and Mike in the morning, you analzye, I'm a menace
Plus a chemist, in my iris I'm peepin'
The game from the first, see it's cursed, and all my rivals receedin'
Hating's aimless with no rhyme or a reason, that season is over
Won't cut, leashes on quota, til I'm leasin' a Rover
Hope it's clear as Poland Spring or Blue Sky that I'm great
You can push limits, or crash and catch a road sign to the face
Line to line i aligned em with fate, to believe in the time that it takes
To rhyme as high as a saint, I create shit nigga

Track Name: Tryna Get It
Regardless I'ma do my thang, I wonder whats all the hate for
Ain't a thang changed, I'm sayin' the game is case closed
In sun and rain, just prayin' to get a peso
I gotta chase dough, what else was we made for

(Verse 1)
Nigga im zonin', it's 4 o'clock up in the mornin'
My hands up on the wheel, but still I feel I can't control it
And I know I'm only human, force my hand I turn to Conan
And I know it's not a PS3, but the game yo it's consoling, see
I'm in search of symmetry, we just wanna be equal
But there's, no second chances, you will not receive a sequel
Find it hard to be peaceful in route to the root of evils
Can it buy happiness, maybe not, but that's what they feed you
To make it you gotta spend it, buy it you gotta rent it
Snitch and you might repent it, through findin' a lighter sentence, see
We in the hood just wishin' for opportunity
Can't find it so, dealers recruitin' me, people persuin' me
This is the usually, but what are the options
Survive or you gotta problem, I know too many who've fallen
And we gotta eat, so I'm runnin' the streets while you snorin'
Live from the jungle im talkin', and I'm reportin', we out here tryna get it

(Hook) x1
And we just out here tryna get it, you see we out here tryna get it
They talk it but I live it
And we just out here tryna get it, get it
And I been out here tryna get it everyday of my life
Cuz the word can't I cannot go home and say to my wife, then go call myself a man
Nigga, I'm just out here tryna get it, get it
I'm just out here tryna get it, nigga

(Verse 2)
See I'm really tryna do this here, you can't tell we losin' here
FAFSA ain't comin', guess there's no school this year
And I got a interview, but ain't got no suits to wear
No hard-bottom shoes to wear, I ain't bout to look no fool in there
And my resume is emptier than my stomach
Startin' to wonder not from hunger, how far in hell I can plummet
Setbacks and disappointments got me ready to quit it
Those dependent on me got me back out on the grind, just tryna get it, uh
I got to handle my business
If things could just be different I wouldnt risk a chance up in prison, uh
These streets a school you, and greed a deceive and fool you
No one knows the right time to go so they always say its too soon, true
Some go out and win lottos, and some go out and win sorrows
For families through tragedy, who knows the plans of tomorrow
But this here ain't no guessing game, and nobody gon take mine
So I'll just go and try my luck, and keep scratchin' these take fives

(Hook) x1
Track Name: Highs & Lows
(Hook) x1
This my highs and lows
Feel like I'm walkin' on a thin line, still lookin' out for one time
This my highs and lows
Drug deals and gun crimes, we used to rain ain't no sunshine
This my highs and lows
Them Nudie jeans hold big knots, Rolex don't tick tock
This my highs and lows
You hear that gun cock, lose it all at the bus stop

(Verse 1)
Intelligence and a elegance on every selection
Between my spirit and what I cherish, heavy connection
I know you feel me, you still hearin' heavy affection
Learned from the greats, to Jay-Z, im like Gretzsky's Ovechkin
I'm from the Lo, but on the low, I'm still higher than most
But niggaz know I'm Uwe Boll, supplyin' the gross
I spit it nasty, casually, i cause a casualty
When I "Mobb" and bring Havoc to beats
Higher with fire boy they Udonis Haslem to heat
You niggaz trippin', get to bitchin', can't handle defeat
You see we worink' I'm classmatic, I'm brandin' my team
And what you callin' hard work is the average to me
I'm retro rockin', I don't gas em like petrol to pop it
They fall in love before the dub, I'm special, hypnotic
I got a gift and I believe, so I left from the college
Kill em with word combinations, I'm destined to lock it

(Hook) x1

(Verse 2)
This is me, I'm in live form, my fives on
Yeah I'm a bastard my pops gone, still locked on
Like a missle or dropped bomb, no target searchin'
Grab your Snickers and popcorn, the shows for certain
Still goin' on, don't wanna feel no mirage
Want a menage, and plus car that fill a garage
Let you niggaz play the back, Charles Tillman and Bob
Sanders, I be goin' bananas, paint a picture
I flirt wit a canvas, harder bars cant be birthed on the atlas
Filled wit lead, you can search wit a scanned
Best believe I still get in the buildin'
I got work sorta like a nigga was guildin'
And still I got style like I eat out, and tip em a million
Ain't nothin' that can give you this feelin', I'm vibrant
Ain't a pool that really shows you this depth, I walk around like I know I'm the best
Probably 'cus your girl brag and boasts and at my shows show me the breasts
You the one that really swore I was effed, from the start of my thang
F1rstClass be the squadron and gang, I flight lane on red carpets, you lame
I spit it insane like
A play from Peyton off the top of the brain
I ball prop, I'm Alstott, ain't no stoppin' the train
Get birds of a feather wetter, flockin' the same
Here's my reign, endure the weather, I'm a popular name, let's get it

Maybe I'm somethin', maybe I'm nothin'
Nah, my career don't really need McGrady discussion
I gotta feeling maybe it's real, maybe it's nothin'
That I'm surrounded by some artists with failure to function
I swear I tell em nothin', that's word I tell em nothin'
I swear I tell em nothin', that's word I tell em nothin'
I swear I tell em nothin', nah nigga I ain't frontin'
I swear I tell em nothin', that's word I tell em nothin'
And if you rockin' with the class get yo hands up
you keep a pocket of that money rubberbanned up
And if you rockin' with the class get yo hands up
You got a nigga locked, tell em free your man's up
And if you rockin' with the class get yo hands up
you keep a pocket of that money rubberbanned up
And if you rockin' with the class get yo hands up
You got a nigga locked, tell em free your man's up, nigga what

(Hook) x1
Track Name: I.L.L. (I'm Livin' Like) ft. G5-GI & Brasco
(Verse 1) Jae-Skeese

Factual rhymes, that's how i had to do mines
Goin hard the type of bars you see when capitol crimes committed, Envision me pennin' inferior, lesser
Ask ya siri im better and she'll tell ya i'm in my zone i'm home not on the left of the catcher
See me strikin' my curves thrown will bend ya mind in, i'm ya your highness like
Czars on a throne, olajuwon and malone,
I always roam on a song with bars sonnets and poems
Legit, i'll kill a fit rockin clarks or the foams
1990$ got broads up out they bras on my phone uh
I mack real, this nigga will cap peel, on beats
Cuz mountains ain't even high as this catskills uh,
Not satisfied even at goin my hardest
Average heighted nigga possessin' napoleon complex
They mirages, rappers left still on the carpet
Illest and hardest bars cold chill as a carcass, nigga

I made it like that, I bought it like that, I'm livin' like that
So come and vibe wit a real nigga x4

(Verse 2) G5-GI
Word, loud packs, keep swishers
No seeds, no sticks
Car service, in the back seat wit your bitch, I'm on shit
Kush in my brain, we are not smokin' the same, stay in your lane
poppin' champagne, that Cristal
No more Cliquot, money only thing bigger than my ego
On my grind for my people, see my life through the peephole
We gave ya'll the first movie, now its time for the sequel
Funny how these niggaz never used to see us
Now every time we turn around these niggaz tryna be us
Probably in your local mall, shoppin for sneakers
We don't fuck with ya'll like Adidas
I just copped the Benz for the features, features, features
And the way the beats sound through the speakers, speakers
Kenny beats by the way, real shit here bitch


(Verse 3) Brasco
Revisited the 90's flow then broke em off proper
The Don Corleone of F1rstClass, and we the mobsters
Crab, fish and lobster, my women fine as wine
I be killin' pussy parallel to killin' time
Romance for the streets, sex murder and beef
A cow for the cash and i'm a pig when i feast
Ya bitch dig a nigga, say my poetry is deep
Rather run with wolves, than sleep with sheep
Maybe its just me, who's gonna be the moderator
I'm a stone cold killer, agains the nay-sayers
Leave em dead up in the attic, the magic match the flame
A soul will never enter my slaughterhouse again
Homie I aint playin, in losses I gain
Pieces to the puzzle of a bigger picture
And its lookin' clearer, lookin' through my rearview mirror
I'm a bad motherfucker, Mike Jack, more thriller

Track Name: Don't Blink
(Verse 1)
It ain't a game,
See thangs change quicker than pain sends impulses to ya brain, it makes you nervous,
But see the system is designed that way
Would you, trade out your loyalty to find yo fame
To your, ace boon coon, you might gon play
With the devil to get her wet up like a cyclone wave
That's what she loves to see, like when hostages are sprayed up like botanists,
Shit or coppers box us up
She loves it, enthralled enticed by it
The worst thangs she got me sayin' i might try it
And you love it, but then you front like i might like it
I mean i might wife it, your judgement is blindsided
She gotta hold on you, like soles on shoes
Or a pimps hold on hoes like her toes on shoes
With heels higher than cliffs where they throw off rules
Rollin' off them 8balls so they go off cue, uh
She fantasizes demises and changes in lives which will cause you to drive kitchen knives
In ya veins 'cus the pain it is blindin' like drivin' with beams of the highest in eyes of a driver
She's right there for the wrong decisions, uh
She's right there when truth's gone and missin uh,
See fate change for the fallen victim
After trades are exchanged like the barter system

I could be gone in a second
I could be gone in a minute
I could be gone in a hour, take heed just listen
You gotta make a decision before things go sour
You can either be used, or take control of the power, dont even blink
Dont even blink
Dont even blink
Dont even blink

(Verse 2)
When i'm alone in my room sometimes i stare at the wall
And wonder who would miss me if i ever was gone, forever
Maybe its extra i'm just tryna figure
Who to consider brothers and who i'm callin' my niggaz
Temptation can change up perception
You're lost if they see you from a different direction
Sometime he in the mirror still need a reflection
Sometime the interference have you shook as a freshman, 'cus check it
See niggaz can walk it as good as they talk and be plottin'
The most concealed be real in the open and hidin'
You run with a nigga you gotta be sure that you got em
They'll hang you to dry 'cus niggaz be foreign to ridin'
Ya fam you thought was tight as a Corsican mob went
And sold you out, but you never had sighted consignment
Even with women, swear i've never been blinded by kindness
They box you in with the box just to get you to ice em
I learned never give a fuck or material items
The weak minded think they need em through fear of dividin' uh,
But i can't partake
You'd kill a man but for success ya strap on safe
Fake niggaz wont get a dap, our hand wont shake
Over the cheese you get sliced like Land O' Lakes, uh
But we should be breakin' bread together
If you my nigga you my nigga forever, that's real rap


(Verse 3)
See nowadays moms can't watch me from the window anymore
I cant walk around reckless in the city anymore uh,
Responsibilities is bigger than ma chores
They'll be chargin' me with larceny for stealin' outta store
Ain't no slaps on the wrist, i gotta get my snaps with the quicks
'Cus uncle sam be taxin a grip, gotta
Go with precaution, your action can flip
To reactions wit hazards and risk, check
I got friends doin', time and friends under earth, it's crazy growin' up i never thought id see it happen
You'd think people would avoid it knowin' that they seen it first, even i used to fuck around before rappin'
Lessons learned as a youngin' showed me some better ways
I adapted, thats how it happened, some never change
My life's in my hands, some aint sayin the same
It's your decision, live how you livin', and make ya name
Track Name: What Song? ft. Miles B.
(Verse 1)

Here we go again with this, seems like we have an endless list of
Things we can fight over, these wars tearin' down our edifice
Writings on the wall we droppin' bombs at that residence
Pour pestilence inside my ears then in turn we got wreck again
But see my dearest, its necessary you nearest
Losin' you that first time, truely showed me what fear is
Then we had that second time, i was the one you shared with
Another, and a third time might have me checkin my spirit, uh
In with psychiatrists, we in deep as Leviathan
Into something as much as we see destruction we love it
Arguments and discussions be interrupted by cuttin'
Jumpin' thru different phases of trustin trust, aint it somethin'
In tune with ya shape like intruders with safes
Ya 'tude be Joe Pesci you John Gruden ya face
You sob true when you cant, devise rules that i cant go break
The pressure makes you wan' sock dude in the face, but wait

Tell me what kinda song i'm 'posed to sang
When my, trust ain't enough and the truth a just bring the pain, pain
What kinda song i'm 'posed to sang
When your tears can fill a tub and emotionally i'm drained, drained
What kinda song i'm 'posed to sang
When we both feel we right but there's no one to take the blame, blame
(Miles B.)
It ain't my fault, it ain't your fault, so fuck the wrong and the right
I'll pull you close to let you know you can't be gone from my sights

(Verse 2)

What would you give for perfection
Would you trade out all your beauty from your mirrors reflection
'Cus in my perception, perfect always gon leave you searchin'
Just for an example of it the time you wastin is worthless
Well in relations, imperfections pleasantly plaugin'
To the point it'll leave you vacant and questionin' can we make it
But, those flaws and fuck ups are what i covet the most
'Cus when you don't think your beautiful i can just brag and boast
To ya ears like come on, girl you right and you strong
Fuss fight then we moan, you don't like that we go
At each other but girl it happens, don't let it become a pattern
We get distracted by madness, we cant focus just on what matters
But shit, that's how it goes, when i get you outside ya clothes
You forget how you hate me and cuss me out when i'm on the road haha,
And that's when i pull you close
So even when we be beefin i just strive to let you know i'm here


(Verse 3) Miles B.
Whatever goes on, in our life
I'm a be stuck with you, between the wrong or rights
Ooooh, and I will never let you get out from my mind (no, no, no, no)
Baby, your touch is so sweet, it feels so right
So close your eyes, and dream of Heaven
'Cus when your with me, you cant think of anything
Better in your life
Track Name: Come 2 Far
(Verse 1)

Its 1:23 she sent me 4 sms's
They 5 deep in 6 inch heels and the baddest dresses
But she a 7 in 'seppes and a seven in Seven's
She snub the thirst like a .38 nigga no suppression
Suggestions of linkin' like a test on emancipation
In our conversation, she got me waitin', she contemplatin'
I had her runnin like Walter Payton, she swore she wouldn't
I fit her figure, but yet she figurin that she shouldn't
She wouldn't if titles made they way on the playin' field
But we made a deal, she tries her best to maintain her chill
Despite her lust for love, she's content with her reservations
She just wants the question marks to be periods and exclamations
I'm understanding, but see relations take preparations
And rushin leaves you lookin for payback, reparations
And see you knew what it was fuckin wit me
So quit that runnin from me, im who you comin to see, tonight


(Verse 2)

She frontin' like she don't really want it, but she still she knows that i own it
'Cus i come with a bonus and beat the box like opponents
Composin' lyrics, she understands a nigga be workin'
But what she wants for certain is assurance i ain't out here flirtin'
It's curtains, she shoulda cursed it 'fore the boundary was set
What you do on the side conditions wont allow me to check,
But check shorty, shortly maybe we'll come to agreements
About who i shouldn't be seein' that'll give you a grievance
With me you feelin completed, i'm just fillin' ya void haha
You think i'm playin' that there got you annoyed
A toy is not what ya heart is, so you don't see why i'm playin' wit it
But me, i'm complacent wit layin' with it not stayin' with it but you can stay and kick it
She say all men be same story
Paralyzed, women all do the same for me
Maybe my brain told me your a smarter choice
Then the other head tells me these women you gettin' moist my nigga they gotta voice
All of want attention
You in your prime and let em know right from the beginning
You plan on swimmin' until you find that one that puts you under
So whats love in the winter might turn may turn sour in the summer, uh
See under covers you might think were lovers, but i yo lust ya
Too easy for someone else to go touch ya, ha
See under covers you might think that were lovers
But whats love up in the winter could go sour in the summer, for real
Track Name: Greight
(Verse 1)

How could you judge me before you knew me, and mean it truely
Talk to me rudely, i'm young and black my life ain't a movie
But i stick to the script, i bring ya my lessons and gifts
I ain't stressin' a bit, yet ya'll on the edge of my dick
Hear about it and i'm the type to laugh, ya'll get frightened fast
Shit to measure my movement you'd need a seismograph
How could you not embrace your brothers and wanna help each other It's like we wanna shine like lightning but scared to face the thunder Maybe its 'cus nobody had the perfect plan yet
Or maybe 'cus nobody here done been the man yet
I bust it like cans of biscuits to make them grands stretch
Like Pillsbury, hear me niggas, ya man's next
With without ya'll my plans forever to represent
My momma told me not all will agree with your intents
And hence i see why they hatin', its nathan no offense
With me you clashin' with titans, ya more Toyota dents
See my ambition will distance me from my opposition
Us being one in the same, i'm in a odd position
I just stick to the real, i'm not in tune with the fake
I stay in tune with my fate, although they said i'd never be, great

They said i'd never be, they said i'd never be
They said i'd never be, great
Great, great (but then i'm like)
Man I can't be held to they constraints
I'm a win this race
See I nope don't stop, see I nope won't can't
Face that hate, give no complaint
Sketch out my dreams, now scope my trace (but then i'm like)
Because they said i'd never be, great, because they said i'd never be

(Verse 2)

They movin' backwards, them fools alludin' to foolish patterns
And now that 2012s over they'll come with new disasters
This dude is dapper, practice morals that's true to trappers
Stay on my hustle, processin' numbers, hewlett packards
Some dudes are after the proof, sadly the truth is scattered
Some dudes combative, you challenge, they'll shoot through ya tatters Ragged, rugged through our republic we runnin' like fuck it
Lord and law be long armed with the rules that can touch him
Bound by the bounds of bone and blood through ya open consumption
Bound by the bounds of boxes blastin' what purchase is comin'
I found its odd my pockets parched when i'm thirstin' for somethin'
If talks so cheap how dare you tell me what's worth a discussion
On the verge of jumpin', see i'm close to edge
We need a wake up call but they give us Folgers instead
See i sticks to the real, i'm not in tune with the fake
I stay in tune with my fate although they said i'd never be great


(Verse 3)

For those that said i'd never be, do this especially
See they rhymes be easy to get, just like elective B's
Them tender g's wit the reckless effort offendin' skeese
Slay them in order, them player's softer than heaven's breeze
Fountain of youth in the booth, i'm drinkin' from heaven's springs
My raps a slap em then handicap em like special needs
Who needs believe when ya breathe and ya bleed in ya seasoned dreams
I give my all for 16's, pristine is how i seems
And i reads different like King's writtens
Steven King lyrics, perceive it then you receive visions
I breathe merit, the Jarrett that every queen cherish
He who brings spirit is Skeese, whenever he's near it
I sling fear into everything, my scene scares em
Keep staring sun in the face, my degrees nearin'
I just stick to the real, i'm not in tune wit the fake
I stay in tune with my fate, although they said i'd never be great

Track Name: Pray 4 Me
(Verse 1)

It's inescapable, motherfuckers is hatin' you, shit
They got the bait for you, wait for you, they would pay for you
To leave this earth so untraceable
With no discretion they testin' and them dudes ace'in you, they ace'in you shit
It's inescapable, motherfuckers a label you
Somethin' other than what the fuck you were thinkin' were raisin you
They call you niggas but you had visions they praisin' you
On the TV's and PC's see 3-D thinkin' they safe from you, uh
Inescapable, you don't know where he's takin' you
Thoughts of you thinkin' he may be thinkin' dreamin' of rapin' you Hangin' you, maiming you, takin' from you what makes you praisable
He had no business takin' the unobtainable, uh
It's inescapable, pharmaceuticals facin' you
Fiends wit fetishes relish what they scrape from you, makin' you richer Niggas picturin' the life you livin', chasin' you and your legend
They destination's correction or grave wit you, nigga


Pray for me, that's all im askin', just pray fa me
Pray for me, help find, some kinda exit, escape for me
Keep it real wit me, don't hide it, site it and tell me just how you feel with me
Keep it real wit me, if you the realest lets get it, come on and build wit me

(Verse 2)

It's inescapable, how ya peoples be changin' you
Say they sisters then dismiss ya, friends are interchangeable
Every weekend, freakin, see pride they leach and they shake from you Thinkin', it's a vent to protect the club it ain't savin' you, uh
It's inescapable, when ya niggas is makin' you
Prove ya loyalty boys a see if you holdin' ya weight to do
Numerous crimes, time to aim and bang as your neighbors do
Mark ya target, pop it for strangers show em what flamers do, uh
It's inescapable how they raised and created you
Fed you cheese from the government, food stampin', bathin' you
In the filth of ebonics, with gin and tonics, degradin' you
Enslavin' you, intentional in the ways that they shapin' you, uh
It's inescapable, how i love and i strain for you
Pain for you, take the blame wit you, all the same you amazin' true
We need some basic rules we can follow to braid our roots and make us stronger
They'll call us major once we inhale the truth
Track Name: Sam23 ft. Billie Essco
(Verse 1) Jae-Skeese

I'm thinkin of the people we lose, people we've lost
Think of the squares in your circle, you evolved to revolve
Think of the niggas that you call when its time to go draw
Think of the route you took that nite to go dump at the wrong
Target, think of the reasons you would even be thinkin'
Of rationale to end a life, nigga how is that decent
Think of the consequences, think of the reprocussions
Think of ya mother thinkin' ya dead and she lost a loved one
Think of ya future, think of HER's, think of its absence
Think of the malice, think of the courage immersed in ya chalice
Think of the aim you took to blast it, just think of the balance
Think of the fear from the crowd, just think of reactions
Seein' the innocent thinkin' it was me who he's after
Instead he got HER, and SHE needs immediate action
From EMS's, man, just think of HER and guessin'
That this is the end, and you didnt make the connection
That crowds and bullets dont match, and now SHE's detatched
Think of all the tears man, aint no bringin HER back
No matter how many sorries that you think you can rant
SHE's gone forever, was it foolish? just think of the facts
It's crazy cus SHE really never had reached HER potential
Shout outs to the family, this here isn't easy to get through
And Dwight called YOU an angel, i agree that HE blessed YOU
We cant forget YOU, our memories seem to refresh YOU
Every time Love, All The Time Love, Every Time Love, Every Time Love

Now i'm the man look at me, i'm the man look at me
I'm the man damn man, that's word to Sam23
Now i'm the man look at me, i'm the man look at me
I'm the man damn man, that's word to Sam23
Now i'm the man look at me, i'm the man look at me
I'm the man damn man, that's word to Sam23
Now i'm the man look at me, huh? huh?
I'm the man look at me, huh? huh? what?

(Verse 2) Billie Essco

Overpopulated projects, she like where is all the fathers
Weave old new jays, she like where is all the ballers
All this money in the world, where is all the dollars
You dying anyway, where is all the martyrs
Where is all the scholars, where is all the authors
A whole lot of guns, where is all the armor
We always in the clinic but where is all the doctors
Who died for they beliefs, where is all the Martin's
Where is all the Malcolm's, where is all the buddhists's
Where is all the 2Pac's, where is all the buddha
Where you gettin' weed, where you gettin' all that weed at
Where you learn to go and tweet where the weed at
Where is all my real people livin' for a cause
They seized the whole internet, where is all the laws
Where's all my people that stand for something
Where them fuck niggas who killed Sam for nothin', I'm comin'